Policies & Procedures

Severe Weather Policy

Revised Thursday, January 11, 2024

In general, games and training will proceed rain or shine. Participants are responsible to check the weather report and dress appropriately.

The safety of the participants is the primary concern when considering whether or not to modify, delay, or cancel a game or training session. Extreme heat or the presence of lightning, hail, torrential rain, freezing rain, or extremely high winds may all pose safety concerns.

Decision Makers

During or prior to beginning a training session, the coach or team manager is the main decision maker regarding whether to modify, delay, or cancel training due to severe weather.

During or prior to beginning a league game, the referee is the main decision maker regarding whether to modify, delay, restart, or cancel a match due to severe weather. Teams will be directed to take proper shelter and must remain at the venue until the referee restarts the game or declares a postponement.

The Referee Coordinator, the Director of Facilities, the Director of Operations, or the Club President has the right to cancel all events and close the park due to severe weather. Division Conveners will communicate to team coaches if the park will close due to a severe weather event. Coaches are expected to communicate accordingly with their players.  This information shall be posted on social media as well as emailed to our members.


The presence of lighting poses a significant safety concern. When lightning is detected, the distance to the lightning can be determined by counting the time between the flash and the first sound of the thunder. When lightning is seen, count the time until thunder is heard. If this time is thirty (30) seconds or less, seek proper shelter. Wait thirty (30) minutes or more after hearing the last thunder before leaving the shelter.

Although every attempt will be made to modify or delay program activities, when cancellations occur of games a makeup game will be added to the schedule in place of training day.  If training is cancelled due to weather no make up shall occur.

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